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About us


With over 150 direct interconnects ranging from PTT’s and Mobile Network Operators to in-country Telecom suppliers BoloTel ensures excellent quality and competitive global wholesale voice termination. Our Wholesale Voice product is aimed at providers whose wholesale and retail customers require stable QoS with aggressive market-based pricing. Coupled with our dynamic real-time routing capabilities and strong buying power BoloTel are well positioned to offer a voice product which not only meet pricing requirements but ensures a stable, high quality voice proposition.


Founded in the year 2009 Bolotel is one of the key players in the Telecom industry enabling seamless delivery of carrier-grade Telecom solutions for a large number of customers worldwide. We incorporate industry expertise and advanced technologies to aggregate, innovate and automate the operational Telecom processes saving our customers time and money. Bolotel is the first choice when it comes to choosing a partner, which really cares about your business.


Our mission is to serve customers with the highest quality Telecom solutions that enable them to meet their business needs and increase profit. Every client is important for us and we are focused on developing a successful relationship with each of them. We are here to assist our customers succeed even in times of increasing competitive pressure. Our driving force is our commitment to our core values – customer focus, reliability and competence.

Creating relationships with carriers/providers for leads and joint marketing/sales activities. Identifying and Representing Carriers which have true value. Building solid interconnections, with other reputable and trusted companies, with successful and long lasting results.


We intend to be the most trusted Telecom provider developing the best Telecom technology in the industry. We aspire to be a number one choice for the customers because we understand their business needs and help them prosper. Our goal is to make communications better by breaking the barriers of price and distance. We believe that creating and delivering exceptional Telecom services and high quality solutions is a foundation for achieving a robust growth.


We understand your business needs. That claim is based on our experience and professional skills. Selecting Bolotel.com as a contributor to your business success is an essential vote of confidence. We’d be delighted to apply our knowledge, experience and world-class Telecom solutions to gain your trust and achieve awesome results. We love what we do, and we bring enthusiasm and commitment to our work.